My Story

‘’I am Karma and I was born from scratch. I came to existence thanks to the passion, determination, and the desire of my creators to give people a reliable flask. I am in constant evolution, trying to reach my highest potential and to provide you with a variety of products and a brand you can trust. I am here to keep your drinks at your desired temperature anytime, anywhere. You can take me with you, I am easy to carry and I will capture everyone’s attention. I was given the highest level of details since the first moment I was created, my inventors wanted me to be perfect.’’ 

- I am not just a flask... I am a Brand - 

We started working on this project back in November 2019 and today, in July 2020 we are finally giving life to all the work, learning and investments we have made by materializing it into this website and marking officially our beginning as a business. 

We hope our products will satisfy your needs and will improve, to an extent, the quality of your life. 

‘’Thank you for choosing me, 

  Karma ’’ 


This is the luxury in terms of Flaks. A KarmaGroupLimited copyright production.